Conservation and bookbinding services

The conservation treatment may require an initial examination and assessment. The aim is to establish an appropriate treatment and in the majority of cases a housing solution for the object or collection in question. The work will be presented and agreed by the client where written and photographic documentation throughout is presented. This will be in accordance with the professional standards set out by the Institute of Conservation (ICON) for any conservation work.

Examples of services as follows:

All books are important to us for different reasons. I am always happy to carry out repairs to personnel books, Bibles, paper backs, magazines and maps. I can make an initial condition assessment either via images or if this is difficult I am happy to assess in person.

  • Condition surveys of individual objects or whole collection
  • Estimates of time and costs for treatments from minimal to more extensive treatment – different options offered and discussed
  • Minimal and interventive treatments from cleaning to repair and re-binding
  • Preventative conservation – re-housing and storage solutions.
  • Loans and Exhibitions
  • Written and photographic condition reports
  • On site condition checking
  • Recording of environmental data and advising on display conditions
  • Couriering including planning transport, installation and de-installation of objects

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