Training and teaching

I can deliver in-house training for library and archive staff and interns in basic preservation skills. The training includes techniques to minimise damage to collections in their use in there use in the reading room and within the storage areas for staff, volunteers and visitors.

  • Conservation treatment training
  • The training can cover the cleaning of volumes and paper, parchment and textile objects. It is important to be familiar with the correct handling and support at all times.
  • The training can also cover simple repairs to paper and parchment, text blocks and the binding structure such as the covers and spine area.

Bookbinding training

  • Paper and parchment cleaning
  • Repairs to the text block and cover.

Training suitable for beginners to some background required. I am happy to discuss more detailed and interventive treatments for training purposes.

  • Repair of leather bindings
  • Repair of cloth bindings
  • Repair to vellum and parchment bindings
  • Various sewing styles
  • Introduction to various enclosures from book shoes, four-flap enclosures and boxes.
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